Patient Specific Implant Positing

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CAIRA products are in development.
They are not yet marketed/registered in United States or elsewhere.

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, CAIRA is developing technologies that improve and simplify navigation and robotic joint replacement.​

Our Differentiated Approach centers on using new and proprietary technologies to develop reliable, inexpensive, minimally invasive solutions that simplify surgical workflow and reproducibly enable better patient outcomes in joint replacement.




Our Mission

is to lead a technology revolution to help surgeons deliver a new standard of pain-free mobility to all of their joint replacement patients.

Our products are designed to give surgeons an efficient tool to position implants accurately based on each patient’s individual anatomy. This “patient-specific” approach to biomechanical restoration may contribute to patient satisfaction and reduce the potential for complications resulting in revision surgery.

CAIRA technology is designed to minimize cost, simplify surgical workflow and remove invasive steps and instruments.


CAIRA KneeAssist™

CAIRA KneeAssist™ employs handheld intra-operative scanning and radar-based tracking intended to simplify the registration phase and improve tracking of bones and surgical tools during navigated and robotic joint replacement surgery.

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